These are  testimonials from my work with clients.  I am very happy to arrange for you to speak to clients to find out more about their experiences of working with me.  Please ask if you would like to do so.

"What can I say about Sue?  She is smart, knowledgeable, really easy to talk to and a fantastic coach. She can help the most overwhelmed unravel the brain spaghetti and see more clearly. She is someone who I am happy to have in my world."

"This coaching session with Sue exceeded my expectations. The most valuble learning for me was that it has allowed me to truly understand the concept of self esteem and how it is within my control to either feed it or damage it. It also made it very clear to me how setting boundaries in everything we do is an essential tool to help feed your self esteem.

I am now able to step back and see things more clearly and it is changing the way I think about almost everything, which I am finding  very exciting and empowering.

I felt I was able to talk freely in a relaxed, understanding and non judgemental environment.


Thank you Sue."

"Sue provides an invaluable service. As a relatively young business owner, I’ve so appreciated my sessions with her.


Sue provides an opportunity to talk through any current issues (such as mental roadblocks with clients), as well as less pressing things which nonetheless have an impact on your working life (like motivation and support networks). She is a great listener, but also willing to offer suggestions and to challenge you when needed.


At first, this ‘whole life’ approach sounded a little out there, but after listening to Sue for a minute I was convinced. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her business coaching services."

"Sue is creative, authentic and positive and therefore exactly the person you want to entrust your thoughts to. She isn't interested in massaging egos but when she challenges you, her perspectives are objective and refreshing. Sue's abundant organisational experience means she is totally practical, diving deep into problems with you to consider new ways of seeing, and realistic solutions. Through thoughtful conversations and exercises, Sue helped me see my organisation, and my place within it, more clearly. She gave me a new, really lovely, way of looking at leadership which has completely cemented my sense of the kind of leader I want to be. Thank you so much Sue for supporting and challenging me in equal measure."

“Sue supports me to look in the mirror, grow my self-awareness through carefully chosen questions and curious, highly tuned listening. She gives simple clarity in complexity and fog. Back to first principles.”            

“You have a unique ability to help an individual navigate not only the organisational context but also their own personal journey through it.”

“Your ability to be present to those with whom you interact is a great skill. You have a high degree of empathy, ability to support and are unafraid to challenge and confront when and where appropriate.” 

 “I have worked with Sue on a number of occasions. She has insight and creativity that inspires and facilitates new ways of thinking at all levels within an organisation. Sue is also pragmatic and can link new ideas to produce practical plans and programmes that really do deliver high quality change. She builds relationships very quickly at all levels and has high integrity in all she does. A pleasure to work with.” 

I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing today if I hadn't met Sue and listened to her words of advice. I've gone from a dull job to the career of my dreams. I can't rate her highly enough.

“You have an authenticity that drives you to want to call things out …”


Sue Tappenden

Tel: 07801 627947​


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