HMS Avoidance and all who sail in her!

I have a question for you.

What is on your “I know I should do it but….” list?

I bet there is an interesting combination of activities lurking there. Large and small. A list of things that you feel you should or ought to do but, for some reason, you just don’t.

Some of the entries on your list might just feel too big and difficult. Enormous jobs that will take ages. My personal winner of this category is sorting out our garden shed. It’s been 10 years now. So much easier just to leave it for another day. Or another year. Or ten.

There may be things that feel so scary that it’s easier to put them off than to face the fear. Visiting the dentist or your GP about something that's worrying you? It’s amazing what physical pain and discomfort people will put up with, overridden by fear and anxiety.

There are also those things that maybe you just can’t be arsed to do - because life is too short and there are more interesting ways to spend your time. Things like using every combination of search website recommended by the fantastic Martin Lewis to find the cheapest car insurance. I love his advice but really? Surely there is an easier and quicker way to save a bit of cash? Or regularly changing the filter in the vacuum cleaner. Or addressing the hundreds of unread messages in your inbox. There’s friggin’ loads of these on my list.

I am not here to make any judgement on your own personal shoulds and oughts but it is important for all of us to be aware of them and where they are rooted. They are often based on information and example that we were fed as children by significant and influential adults around us (parents and teachers for example) and we may not have the taken the time to check if we really believe and still want to act on them or not. But that is for another day and another blog …

The thing is, if you dig really deep and get proper honest with yourself, are there things on your list that, in not addressing them, you are selling yourself short? By that I mean they are things that are seriously compromising your happiness, your wellbeing and are draining your self-confidence. They sit in the pit of your stomach much of the time. They can make you feel sick, dread going to work, dread coming home from work, not look forward to things, keep you shut indoors and not answering the phone. These really tricky “things” may be related to the work that you do or your job, to your boss, an employee or colleague, your relationship, your friendships, your family? I could go on.

Only you will truly know their impact and how they are affecting you. You will know in your head. You will also know in your body if you listen to it.

We have one precious life. None of us know how long we’ve got but we all deserve to live life surrounded by people who makes us feel good and in a way that feels right for us and that makes our heart sing. Not necessarily all of the time, but why settle for less than that as your target?

If you feel you are selling yourself short in some aspect of your life, finding the right support to begin to explore what is going on and how to make changes is key to making it happen.

Think about it.

One precious life.

Don't wait.

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