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and complexities of Christmas-time relationships, events and tricky family dynamics



Access objective and expert Help and Support over the Christmas period to help you

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Each year, as Christmas-time approaches, we are surrounded by images in the media of happy, smiling faces, families sitting down to eat whilst enjoying each other's company, children happily playing with their new toys, parties, fun, love and laughter.  


The reality is, however, that millions of people get really stressed and anxious about Christmas-time and what it means for them. The reasons for that are varied, always personal and different for everyone.  Some people absolutely love Christmas and have a wonderful time but, even for them, there's usually something that makes their tummy churn and fills them with dread at the thought.  For many, the difficult and uncomfortable feelings can start way before Christmas and it isn't necessarily a happy time.


Whilst absolutely not an exhaustive list, some of the most common reasons for anxiety and stress can be:

  • Knowing that you will be the one lumbered with all the work and responsibility of producing Christmas in your house or family;

  • Knowing that there will most likely be rows or nastiness between family members or other guests;

  • Being expected to attend events that you don't want to go to because you know you will feel so uncomfortable or inadequate;

  • You can't be with the people you really want to be with;

  • You feel you have to be with people you really don't want to be with;

  • You hate being told what to do and there will be expectations coming at you from other people;

  • You have no idea how to cook the Christmas lunch that you are expected to or want to cook;

  • You have no idea how you can afford to buy the presents that you need to buy;

  • You just don't want to see anyone this Christmas and would rather spend it on your own;

  • And a million other things.

It can be really tough and really hard to find a way to feel better about it all.  Some of the feelings feel bad and feel disloyal to those around you.  It can be hard to talk about and to know what to do.  I get it ....

... and the Club was born so that:

  • I can use my extensive skills, training and experience to help you better manage the Christmas-time situations you find yourself in (although please don't ask me about turkey cooking times or how to wrap a bike!);

  • You can learn tips and techniques to start to take action now so that you can feel more in control of things over the coming weeks;

  • You have a safe and objective place where you can be honest about how you feel without the sh*t hitting the fan;

  • You can get some objective help and support over the Christmas period to help you through whatever happens;

  • This year, you can get closer to the Christmas you want and need.

Just that.  For you.



  • The Club opens on Monday 2 December and will close on Friday 10 January 2020;  



  • 3 videos for you to watch full of tips and techniques to help you address potential issues and to get you closer to the Christmas you want and need;

  • 3 x on-line live group coaching calls with me via Zoom.  There will be a limited number of pre-bookable hot-seat sessions in each call to work on real-life issues.  I will try to find the "best-fit" day and time for calls to support live joining, although calls will be recorded to watch on replay for a limited period if you need to.  2 calls will be pre-Christmas and 1 x post-New Year;  

  • Membership of a private and exclusive Christmas Survival Club Facebook group to provide you with on-going support from me and other Club Members with any issues that arise and you are struggling with.  I will be in the Group at least once each day (even Christmas Day!) to help and respond to posts.

All of that.  For you.


Join the Club for a one-off payment that will give you everything listed above. 




(only available before 5pm GMT on 1 December 2019)



PAYMENT AND CANCELLATION POLICY: Your Membership to the Club is not confirmed until you have paid in full.  If a request to cancel is received in writing to within 14  working days from the date on which payment is made, I will accept the cancellation request and offer you a full refund.  However, in the event that you have already accessed resources available within the Club within the first 14 working days from the date on which payment is made, you may still request a refund, but the value of those used resources shall be deducted from the amount paid by you. The remainder will be refunded to you without further deductions.


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