Imagine having reflective time and support to:

  • lean back, think aloud and develop strategies to solve problems and make changes;

  • think more clearly about your role/business, your life and the problems that keep you awake at night;  

  • take stock of the issues that go around in your head, to feel more grounded in the complexity of it all and to develop a strategy to take action;

  • reflect on what is really important to you, what is working well and what isn’t and what to do about it, both at work and in your life.

Our work together during 1:1 coaching sessions focusses on enabling you to navigate the dynamics and challenges of your role and situations through effective support, reflection and challenge.  I use a range of coaching and supportive interventions and tools to meet the individual needs of my clients.  Executive Life Support.

My experience of working with clients has shown that there is often a common list of things they want and need to address in our 1:1 sessions. The list may resonate with you too:


We all know how good it can feel to get the views of friends and colleagues about something we are finding difficult.  The trouble is that sometimes, because those people know us well or have some sort of investment in any decision we might make, their perspective is unlikely to be entirely objective or balanced!  That is just the reality of life.  During our 1:1 sessions, my objectivity provides an opportunity for you to gain a different perspective on situations in which you find yourself, your thoughts and feelings.  This will help you to decide what to do next.


Having time to identify and perhaps re-order priorities can be difficult when you are just getting on with everything that needs to be done.  Life is complex and managing the challenges of our many roles in life, alongside a busy business role, can be difficult at times.  Our sessions provide time for you to reflect and decide on what are the most important things for you to focus on and what to put in place to make changes happen.


We all need effective and appropriate support, particularly if we are running or leading a business.  It is a difficult job and people constantly rely on you.   Accessing expert support is a huge step towards building your resilience to manage the complexities and pressures.  Starting to take control of difficulties, through developing a greater understanding of them and developing tools and strategies to support yourself, starts to create capacity, energy and courage to make changes and grow your business.  This is the basis of our 1:1 work together.


It's really hard to see the wood for the trees when you are busy with work and life.  We can end up  feeling stressed and overwhelmed with it all.  Having "time out" through our sessions supports you to work out where to start as the first step in feeling better and more in control.  Even to navigate what feels like the impossible!


These may be business conversations (with colleagues, employees, customers or suppliers) or with people close to you (perhaps with family members or friends).  If what you want to say to the other person feels confrontational or uncomfortable, the easiest thing to do is to say nothing!  Trouble is, the issue doesn't go away and will just fester, potentially adding anger and stress to the mix.  This will affect your ability to be at your best and will potentially affect your business in many ways.   Working with me and having time to work through what you want to say and why is key to resolving issues and moving forward.


Not many of us regularly take time to review our relationships with others, both at work and outside.  If and when we do, we may find that some of the relationships that we continue with are unhelpful, unsupportive, stressful and drain the life out of us!  This isn't good for our personal wellbeing or the wellbeing and productivity of our business and worklife.  We may also come to realise that, when we are with particular people,  we feel really supported and are our best self, without really knowing why.  During our 1:1 sessions, you have time to reflect on which relationships really work for you, which don't and what to do about them.


Sue Tappenden

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